Jokaisen-Kitan, A soldier

12/3/2022 to 12/13/2022, at Cross Gallery, Treasure Hill Artist Village, AIR Taipei

Photo by 王士源, Treasure Hill Artist Village

Presented during AIR Taipei’s residency in December 2022, the installation aims to evoke the spectral presence and narratives from insubstantial entities such as light and sound.

The sounds on four cassettes have been researched and created based on two ghost narratives, Haruo Sato’s ‘Jokaisen-Kitan’ and the folklore of the local shrine ‘Soldier Shrine’, in relation to the colonial history of Taiwan and Japan. They consist of field recordings and readings in Taiwanese and Japanese.

The audio from the cassette player is transmitted to LED lights instead of speakers, and the output is not auditory but light. The light is then converted back into sound using a solar-powered receiver. Current and colonial photographs taken at the research site are placed near the lights and illuminated by a dim light.

In the process of transforming sound into light and light into sound, colonial ghosts would be generating, as well as in the blurring of past and present photographs.

*this work which was made during AIR Taipei, and exhibited at Treasure Hill Artist Village, has been awarded for Yamanashi Media Arts Award 2022 (

これは、2022年12月に台北でのレジデンシー(AIR 台北)で発表されたインスタレーションで、光と音という実態のないものの間から、ある種のゴーストやナラティブを呼び出すことを目論んだ作品です。