Piano Plays Piano

Piano Plays Piano ピアノでピアノを弾く

Concept sheet & More deitals http://suzueri.sakura.ne.jp/pianoplay/


This project is the study of how to play a piano with a piano using an ever expanding user interface for a piano.
It is the study of prepared pianos made by expanding the user interface of the piano but without modifying its oscillators, that is, the piano strings.
User interfaces determine the behaviours of both mechanisms and humans.
And user interfaces for musical instruments determine both the sound of the instrument and the behaviour of the performer – especially for the piano, who’se interface is already complicated and from who’se complicated mechanism comes out complicated compositions.
This work consists of an automatic player device, timer switch circuits , strings and wires, an upright piano and toy pianos.
Each instrument is connected and activated by a series of fragile and vulnerable strings, so they won’t be played precisely, rather an unexpected composition will be played.
Could we expand this interface more and more to make even more new instruments and compositions?
This work both asks, and tries to answer, such a question.