Schedule in North America

Currently staying in NYC, Manhattan as a grantee of Asian Cultural Council and Scholarships Artist of Harvestworks. Roughly summarized my schedule in the east coast, USA. I hope to see you these occasions.

3/17    ‘Experimental Intermedia‘ Solo performance, guest Sean Meehan, at SHIFT, 411 Kent , doors 7:30, start 8pm, $15

4/6      ‘Thursday Night Talks’ Presentation at NYU, ITP and IMA Department, start 6:30 PM, Free/appointment needed ! canceled

5/3     Duo performance at Fridman Gallery w/Julia Santoli, by ISSUE project room/Avan Tokyo, Free/RSVP start 8 pm

5/19 Solo at Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, starts at 8pm, food at 7:30

5/25 suzueri / Ross Wightman / Bureau of Sensory Affairs at RhizomeDC, Washington DC start 7pm ticket $10 – $20

6/1~5, Detroit, short residency at Frank Pahl private studio / 6/2 Thursday at live installation  w/ Frank Pahl * It’s a day-long collaborative installation. The studio is private, but open to the public. RSVP for my mail address.

6/7     Performance with Bonne Jones at  Goethe Institute, Boston, by Non Event together with SAWT OUT, doors 7:30, start 8pm, $15

6/30 to 8/21 Birds don’t have borders at Governors Island,Building 10 by Harvestworks (7/15 Presentation or Workshop)

8/1 to 15 Residency ‘La timidité des cîmes / Crown Shyness‘ at Moisie, Sept-îles, Canada